Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Continuing professional development

It is a requirement in the Pharmaceutical Society's Code of Ethics that pharmacists undertake continuing professional development. CPD includes continuing education (doing courses, going to workshops, reading articles etc), but takes it a step further as you have to consider what impact your learning has had. I do not have a problem with keeping up to date; I read journals, go to workshops and am doing a postgraduate diploma. What I do have a problem with is the way CPD has to be recorded. You have to complete sections on reflection, planning, action and evaluation. The Society has set up a whizzy website to help pharmacists and registered technicians with CPD, but it is just so slow. My first CPD entry took well over an hour. I am pushed for time as it is, why can't the Society treat its members like adults and just allow them to get on with their jobs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also detest the whizzy website (ww). I do my best to stay informed and educated within reasonable limits set by the constraints of a busy life. I attend seminars and training meetings. I work with people who expect reflective practices to be happening across all the clinicians and administrative staff in the building. Significant Event Analyses pepper the landscape of practice activity. There is no shortage of reflection, education, challenge and the like.
So I confine my visits to the ww purely for diary and minor reflective purposes. Minimalism. I am the Mondrian of Reflectivists.
I have now adopted the technique of preparing all my sections in advance on a word file, then I cut and paste them across to the relevant boxes in the CPD file. This way I can reflect away when it suits me and keep the laborious conformity to a minimum.

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